Kendall Jenner Hair | Short | Curly | Straight

Kendall Jenner is starting to add some nice hairstyles to her mix. She has such long and naturally beautiful hair that it makes it easy to do different styles. Here she is with an updo style and her hair in a bun.

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kendall jenner updo

Kendall Jenner's hair is long and curly / wavy in this pic.

Kendall Jenner Curly Hair

Her hair looks short in this pic, but it's just wrapped really tightly in a bun.

kendall jenner haircut

Here's her natually long and straight hair.

Kendall Jenner Hairstyle

Kendall Jenner Hairstyle

kendall jenner hairstyles

kendall jenner long hair

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Kendall Jenner Hairstyles

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