Kelly Osbourne Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job

Ozzy’s daughter Kelly Osbourne has gone through an amazing transformation, but could some of it be thanks to plastic surgery? She could have gotten a nose job. In this picture, you can see that her nose is initially somewhat wide and stout. On the right, it looks much more petite and thin, giving her face a more elegant look.    

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Kelly Osbourne Plastic Surgery

    Thanks to a nose job, it looks like the size of Kelly Osbourne's nose is different. It looks slimmer and her nostrils appear to be shaped differently.    

Kelly Osbourne Plastic Surgery

  Okay, this is more of an “oooh-look-at-her-now!” pic, but really, look at her now! Here you can see just how much thinner the bridge of her nose is. Could it be that her nose lost weight along with the rest of her? I seriously doubt that, but it’s up to you to decide.    

Kelly Osbourne Plastic Surgery

    Nose job or not, Kelly Osbourne looks phenomenal and she has definitely changed her life for the better which is admirable. Go Kelly!    

Kelly Osbourne Plastic Surgery

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Kelly Osbourne Plastic Surgery

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