Keira Knightley No Makeup Before After

It's amazing what a difference some makeup - and Photoshop - can make. Keira Knightley looks stunning with makeup, but without it she looks ghostly and drawn. She appears to have some bags under eyes and a bit of a gaunt look in the before picture. But, the after pic she's borderline breathtaking. Of course, a little imaging magic went into making her look THAT good, but the difference is clear none the less. Here's Keira Knightley before and after having no makeup on.

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Keira Knightley No Makeup

keira knightley without makeup

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Keira Knightley With And Without Makeup

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LisaAYO -
5/17/13 @ 6:45pm PST

OMG! What a crazy difference! It doesn't even look like her in the before pic.

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