Katy Perry Tattoos And Meanings

Katy Perry has at least 6 tattoos on her body. Her most notable ones are the strawberry tattoo on her ankle, the Jesus tattoo on her arm, and the one in Sanskrit on her other arm. The first tattoo is in Sanskit and its meaning is "go with the flow." Russel Brand got a matching tattoo in 2010 when they were still married.

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Katy Perry Tattoo

Katy Perry Arm Tattoo

Hmmm... this tat says "Josh Grobin?" this one was actually a temporary tattoo.

katy perry boob tattoo

She has "Jesus" tattooed on her wrist. This is obviously because she is Christian. It's common for religious celebrities to get a cross or some type of Jesus tattoo.

katy perry chest tattoo

Katy Perry Jesus Tattoo

Here's her strawberry tattoo! This is Katy Perry's most popular one.

Katy Perry Strawberry Tattoo

katy perry ankle tattoo

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Katy Perry Tattoos

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