Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants | Nose Job

Has Katy Perry had plastic surgery? It's always been a mystery as whether or not the singer has had breast implants or a nose job. Her breast size has always been large for celebrities her size (she's listed as a 32C, but it looks more like a D cup). She probably hasn't had Botox injections (yet) and it's 50 / 50 if she had a nose job or not. But, if there's one thing that Katy Perry's really good at, it's wearing makeup and wigs. She's able to make herself look incredibly attractive though props. That's not to say that she's not attractive, but there's a lot of help from accessories and what not. This first before and after photo presents an argument that she's had breast implants. It may be a little flawed because she's wearing an aggressive push up bra in the after picture, so you can draw your own conclusions from it.

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Katy Perry boob job

This photo looks more like she had a boob job. Once again she's letting her breast go au naturale in the before photo, but the difference is striking none the less.

Katy Perry plastic surgery

Katy Perry breast implants

Here's a young Katy Perry where her nose looks different than it does now. However, her nose could have just grown until the end of her puberty. Now, the question from the beginning was whether or not Katy Perry has had breast implants or a nose job. Do you think she's had either?

Katy Perry before and after

Katy Perry nose job

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Katy Perry Plastic Surgery

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