Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job | Breast Implants

Has Katie Holmes, formerly the Kat in TomKat had plastic surgery? Rumor is that she has a nose job and breast implants. Here in the first before and after photo, you can see a drastic difference in her face. On the left, her nose looks wider and more shapely. Now, it appears as if her nose is a completely straight line, and her nostrils are hidden in there somewhere!    

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Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery

    Let’s take another look at that nose of hers. Again, the nostrils look smaller and have more of a petite look here. It is very possible that makeup has been doing some amazing tricks, but the differences are so big that plastic surgery had have something to do with it. What do you think?    

Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery

    Finally, the boob job question. Has she had them done? If she has, it was very subtle and natural looking. Here, we can basically see her breasts and we can tell that they are  extremely round and perky. Could these be lucky and natural, or expensive and man-made?    

Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery

    Here, Katie Holmes posed for this cover of Elle magazine giving us a very convenient view. Her breasts also look incredibly round here; the slinky see-through bra may not be able to provide that kind of push-up action, which may raise an eyebrow or two or three. Overall what plastic surgery do you think Katie Holmes has had? A nose job, breast implants, or both?    

Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery

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Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery

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