Katie Couric Before After Plastic Surgery Facelift And Nose Job

  Katie Couric would never admit having gotten plastic surgery, but before and after pictures might have something to say. Over the last 5 years, it's thought that this anchor women has gotten a facelift and possible Botox. Her face has seemingly gotten a little fixed and lost some expressiveness which is a clear sign of Botox. There's still some minor wrinkles though which is good for a natural look. This before and after picture shows Katie Couric around the age of 20 and from the last few years.     

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Katie Couric Plastic Surgery

    In addition to Katie Couric's Botox, it's possible that she had a nose job as well. Her nose looks like it might be just a little bit thinner.    

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery


Katie Couric Plastic Surgery

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Katie Couric Plastic Surgery

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