Kathy Wakile Before And After Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Kathy Wakile, cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, had a nose job recently. This before and after picture shows her plastic surgery transformation from when she was in her early 20’s up until now. The difference in the shape of her nose is slight, yet noticeable - if you look close enough. The bridge and overall width is just a little thinner than it used to be.

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Kathy Wakile Plastic Surgery

Here's profile view of Kathy Wakile face. It gives a clear illustration of how the bridge of her nose used to have more of a bump. The plastic surgery made her nose a little thinner and smoother.

Kathy Wakile Plastic Surgery

Do you think Kathy Wakile looked better before or after the nose job?

Kathy Wakile Plastic Surgery

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Kathy Wakile Plastic Surgery

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