Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Kate Winslet is one of the classiest ladies out there, so could she have had plastic surgery? It is quite possible that she had a nose job. An older picture shows a very young Kate, with a full nose that seems rounded at the tip, and smaller nostrils. On the right, we can see that has drastically changed. It seems to have been shaped in a way that looks almost triangular, with it appearing more slender near her eyes and getting a little wider towards the bottom.    

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Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery

    Again, we can see that the nostrils have been taken in a bit and the whole nose appears thinner. This difference has the ability to change her whole face, yet she still looks like herself.    

Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery

    Here is yet another interesting angle. This before and after picture definitely shows the different shape! She looks stunning either way, but do you detect a silent confidence in the second picture? I do. A nose job done well will do wonders to one's confidence.    

Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery or not, Kate Winslet appears to be comfortable with herself and that’s all that matters. She will always be beautiful, elegant, and lovely, and her heart will go on (yeah, I had to put that in there).    

Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery

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Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery

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