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Is it appropriate for Kate Middleton Duchess Of Cambridge to get plastic surgery? There's countless before and after photos that show her nose job and even present an a case that she got Botox injections. There's certainly nothing wrong with a little plastic surgery, but when royalty comes into the picture it just seems odd (in todays day and age). Granted, kings and queens have always been obsessed with their public appearance. So, maybe it's merely the natural evolution of the royal position? Regardless, here's the evidence that Kate Middleton did indeed have a nose job. Her nose used to be thicker in the bridge and tip.

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kate middleton plastic surgery

kate middleton before and after

Notice how the width of her nose is more even from top to bottom. Also, there's not as much of a crevace in the the middle of the bridge.

Kate Middleton Cosmetic Surgery

Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery Before And After

Kate Middleton Nose Job

It's not for sure, but Kate Middleton may have had Botox injections. If not though, it wouldn't be a surprise if she did it in the years to come.

kate middleton botox

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Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery

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Plutogirl -
8/20/13 @ 1:32pm PST

The concept of "royalty" is not appropriate for the 21st century.

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