Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery Before After Breast Implants Nose Job

Kate Hudson is a talented actress, but has she had plastic surgery? Muse’s muse could have gotten breast implants and a nose job. In this before and after picture, we see the left side shows a more, um... flat Kate than on the right. Now she has a fuller cup and a more rounded shape. Could she be hiding under that hat to avoid pictures?    

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Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery

    Aha! Hat be gone! Now, we can definitely tell the difference in her physique. Kate seems much more perky and rounded now. The difference is subtle, but noticeable.    

Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery

    Again, just so you get the gist of the difference here. If these are indeed implants, they have been done very tastefully!    

Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery

    Waitwaitwait. Could Kate Hudson have had a nose job as well? Here in an older picture, you can see that her nose is pretty straight down on both sides, kind of like a rectangle. The picture on the right shows a different nose, with a curvier shape that flares out a bit into more rounded nostrils. Also, the tip of her nose is much more defined and pronounced. If she did have a nose job, this is also very subtle. You’re beautiful with or without plastic surgery Kate!    

Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery

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Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery

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