Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before After Breast Implants | Nose Job

Kat Von D is one awesome lady, but has she had plastic surgery? Speculation says she might have had breast implants and a nose job. Here, we can see that Kat had a pretty modest sized chest; maybe a B cup bra size? Then, lo and behold! Either these hands are magical, or she decided to get a boob job! They are more full and rounded.    

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Kat Von D Plastic Surgery

    Kat Von D has many different looks, and that’s what makes her such an interesting person. She’s not only a talented tattoo artist, but an amazing risk-taker with style. Here, you can see that her chest seems to be larger in the first picture than all of the other ones. Also, what else is going on here? Her nose also seems to be taking on different shapes! There's cosmetic surgery all over the place! Let’s take a closer look...    

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery

    Alrighty. The first picture shows a nose that has a slender bridge, and nostrils that flare out ever so slightly. It almost looks like an upside-down heart. In the second picture, we can see that the bridge still looks the same but her nostrils appear to be smaller. That cute upside-down heart seems to be lost! Lastly, the third picture shows a different angle, and I’m not sure what is what anymore.    

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery

    Again, in this before and after picture it appears that her nostrils have become smaller, and go straight down, whereas they used to flare out a little. The most important thing here is that Kat Von D is a beautiful woman with or without plastic surgery. And I’m not just saying that because I traveled from my hometown of Milwaukee, WI to Los Angeles and walked into L.A. Ink when I was 18 hoping to bump into her... it’s just the truth!    

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery

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Kat Von D Plastic Surgery

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