Justin Timberlake Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

  We know that Justin Timberlake is the President of Pop (as said by Jimmy Fallon during the 2013 VMA’s), but has he had plastic surgery? One could speculate that he has had a nose job. This guy has grown up on camera, so it is very easy to get some before/after photos. Here in 2000, we can see that Justin’s profile includes a bump in the bridge, that comes down into a rounded tip. A 2006 picture shows that the bridge is now a completely smooth slope that just turns into a more pointy tip.    

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Justin Timberlake Plastic Surgery

    An even earlier before and after picture shows that little bump again. The nostrils even seem to be longer. It’s really hard to tell with noses, since it’s one of the things on us humans that don’t stop growing (UGH WHY), but again we have that difference with the pointy tip.     

Justin Timberlake Plastic Surgery

    In my opinion, it looks like Justin Timberlake had the bump fixed but didn’t want to make the nose job obvious, so he kept everything else the same and the extra skin made a longer tip. But who knows? Someone with such amazing talent and looks should be happy the way they are, but it goes to show you that we are all human. Even if someone didn’t approve of the plastic surgery, do you think he would care? Probably not. He would probably be all, “Cry me a river whatevs.” ...Or something like that. Either way, we love Justin!    

Justin Timberlake Plastic Surgery

    I will end this with a blast from the past: Mickey Mouse Club with Britney. Nose job or not, he has always been a cutie. Aww.     

Justin Timberlake Plastic Surgery

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Justin Timberlake Plastic Surgery

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