Justin Bieber Tattoos

Justin Bieber has over 10 tattoos that are on his body, arms, and legs. A few of his most popular tattoos are the believe tattoo, owl tattoo, and crown tattoo. Here's a list of all of Justin Bieber's tattoos as of early 2013: BELIEVE on his arm Owl on his arm Jesus on his leg Praying hands on his leg Crown on his chest logo for the Stratford Cullitons on his shoulder blade Japanese Kanji symbol for music on his arm Hebrew word for Jesus on his ribs Bird on his hip and counting... Here's an Indian Head on the Justin Bieber's back.  

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Justin Bieber Back Tattoo

This is the "Believe" tattoo on his left forearm.

Justin Bieber Believe Tattoo

Here's his crown tattoo.

justin bieber crown tattoo

This is the owl tattoo on his leg.

justin bieber owl tattoo

justin bieber stomach tattoo

Here a compilation of most of Justin Bieber's tattoos.

Justin Bieber Tattoos

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Justin Bieber Tattoos

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