Julianne Hough Plastic Surgery Before After Breast Implants Nose Job

  Has his leading lady of Footloose gotten plastic surgery? Rumor says Julianne Hough may have had breast implants and a nose job. Julianne has a fascinating ability to dance her butt off (we’re assuming that’s real, which is unfair). Anywho, here in the before picture she looks a lot different. The after photo shows that her chest looks a lot more rounded and filled out. Could it be that she has succumbed?    

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Julianne Hough Plastic Surgery

    Also, this picture shows that while Julianne Hough still has a delicate figure, the shape of her breasts looks kind of unnatural and forced. We know a bra’s job is to lift and separate, but they seem to be doing that on their own!    

Julianne Hough Plastic Surgery

    Of course, these looks could all be done by the clothes she is wearing or even makeup that is applied to the chest to give the illusion of cleavage. Even this dress she is wearing could be helping with the way her chest looks.  It's definitely not a certain that Julianne Hough had a boob job.   Also, notice the nose here. The bridge appears to be a decent width, and it flares out into her nostrils and down to the tip that comes down a little bit. If Julianne Hough had a nose job, it would have thinned out the bridge.    

Julianne Hough Plastic Surgery

    So, what happened here? The bridge looks thinner and the nostrils don’t flare out as much! Did Julianne decide that her nose needed less real estate on her face, or is this a makeup trick as well? Either way, you gotta love her and all her glorious talent!    

Julianne Hough Plastic Surgery

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Julianne Hough Plastic Surgery

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