Johnny Depp Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job | Botox

Has the Pirates of the Caribbean heartthrob Johnny Depp had plastic surgery? Speculation is out about him having a nose job and potentially Botox. This before and after photo shows quite a difference in his nose. While there is a subtle difference, it’s enough to show that his nostrils look more narrow, so it takes up less of his face.    

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Johnny Depp Plastic Surgery

    Again, his nose seems to have a slightly different shape than when he was younger. The small change could be a clever way of trying to go unnoticed. Hey look, his hats are similar too!    

Johnny Depp Plastic Surgery

    Now for Botox. Health experts say that taking good care of yourself and eating healthy can do wonders for your appearance, including your skin. Is this lovable face the product of an active lifestyle, or plastic surgery? It appears that the only thing changing Johnny Depp's looks are a mane and some facial hair. Everything else seems frozen in time!    

Johnny Depp Plastic Surgery

    Here is something that may raise a few eyebrows. The tight skin and slightly raised look in his face may be the result of Botox, since an immediate side effect can be swelling of the injection site(s).    

Johnny Depp Plastic Surgery

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Johnny Depp Plastic Surgery

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