Joel McHale Hair Transplant Plastic Surgery

Not a lot of people know that Joel McHale actually had a hair transplant. This is the only known plastic surgery he's had -- other than some Botox rumors, but it's not confirmed. In fact, if you look at Joel McHale in Superman - the one with Toby Maguire - then  you'll see him with the receding hairline you see in the before picture. He took a very conservative approach to his hair transplant, which fortunately gave him a natural looking result. It still looks like Joel McHale has a balding hairline, but you won't see that thing ever go back any further.

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Joel McHale Plastic Surgery

Joel McHale Plastic Surgery

Joel McHale got his hair transplant prior to landing his long gig on E's hit show "Soup." Not only did the plastic surgery help his confidence, but it helped his career.

Joel McHale Plastic Surgery

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Joel McHale Plastic Surgery

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