Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before And After

Joan Rivers must have had over 500 plastic surgery procedures. She's had multiple facelifts, facial fillers, a nose job, Botox, and doesn't leave the house without 3 pounds of makeup on (here's Joan Rivers without makeup on). This woman simply refuses to age and will do whatever it takes to keep it that way. It's interesting because Joan Rivers almost looks like a different person when she was younger and before any plastic surgery. Now, her face is so dosed up with Botox that it's a mystery how she can even move it. But, she has no problem laughing and being comical on her show "The Fashion Police." Because she's been so self-depricating, the public has responded with nothing but love and admiration for her. This first before and after picture chronicles Joan Rivers from when she was in her 30's up to today.

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Joan Rivers plastic surgery

Lol, is that a mullet?

Joan Rivers before and after

Joan Rivers looks beautiful in the before picture.

Joan Rivers plastic surgery before and after

Joan Rivers cosmetic surgery

Joan Rivers before after

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Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery

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