Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job | Breast Implants

Has Jessica Simpson had plastic surgery? The possibilities include a nose job and breast implants. She has denied these allegations, but admitted to lip injections at one point. “I had that Restylane stuff,” she said, but was relieved when it wore off. Can she be trusted? This before and after picture shows a drastic change from younger Jessica to a more recent Jess. As you can see, her nose does appear thinner in the bridge. It is more defined, and the tip seems to have disappeared leaving a nice little turned up point and smaller nostrils. Also, the Restylane is obvious here! Thank goodness Jessica Simpson decided to ditch that look; we like you plastic surgery free!    

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Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery

    The change in her nose is easy to see here. Again she has a smaller sniffer, giving more definition to her face. Wait... her nose is smaller, but does something appear bigger to you?      

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery

    Here is a before and after shot of Jessica Simpson's top half. The after shot reveals a much more rounded cleavage that screms breast implants!    

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery

    Speaking of unnatural cleavage, check this out. Her dress is definitely providing some support, but the whole shape seems way too unnatural to be a coincidence. Could this be the product of a boob job?    

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery

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Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery

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