Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job | Botox | Breast Implants

  Ever since the movie Selena Jennifer Lopez has been attracting attention everywhere, but can she thank plastic surgery for some of that attention? She may have gotten a nose job, Botox and breast implants. This before and after picture can definitely raise some eyebrows, just look at how her nose has changed over time! The whole bridge appears to be thinner, and her nostrils appear to be reconstructed.    

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Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

    Here you can observe her nose from a different angle. Her whole profile has changed, giving her a more petite and sleek look. The slope of her nose looks more steep and again, the nostrils have taken on a different shape.    

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

    Jennifer Lopez may have also gotten a Botox injection or two, or three. She seems to have reversed in age here! Her whole face looks smooth, tight, and her smile lines seemed to have faded. There's no doubt that she had plastic surgery.    

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

    The change in her chest over time is up for speculation. Her breasts have magically grown! There is more cleavage here and they have a rounded shape. Her dress is obviously helping with that, but there's no way they would get that much bigger without breast implants. What do you think?    

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

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Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

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