Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery Before After Botox | Nose Job

    There is some definite speculation about Jennifer Garner getting plastic surgery. Could this Alias star be changing up her identity in real life with Botox and a nose job? This before and after picture shows a much older photo followed by a more recent one. As you can see, she has some pronounced smile lines going on and a bit of a tip to her nose.           

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Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery

        Whoa! What’s happened to the smile lines? As you can see, they are significantly reduced and over a period of five years Jennifer’s skin has continued to improve. Could this be credited to Botox? Also, her nose looks more turned up in 2008. Where did the tip go?        

Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery

        There is much plastic surgery speculation about Jennifer Garner’s nose, and this side by side photo tells all. This shows that there is definitely less of a tip on her nose, and the nostrils seem to have been shaped differently as well. Could it be the result of a nose job?          

Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery

        Finally, this before and after picture can blow your mind! The nose is definitely a lot thinner here and shaped entirely different. Again, there’s a definite possibility of Botox to keep her looking this gorgeous.        

Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery

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Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery

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