Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job | Botox | Breast Implants

  Jennifer Aniston is known for having an amazing body and looking incredibly young, but could that be because of plastic surgery? There are many suspicions about her possibly having a nose job, Botox and breast implants. This before and after picture shows a huge difference between 1992 and 2012. Her whole nose appears much thinner, and the tip appears smaller and less pointy.    

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Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

    This picture shows significant differences in her nose and facial lines over the years. Again, her nose has gotten thinner and the lines around her mouth seem to have become much less obvious. Could this be Botox working its magic? Or, is it Botox coupled with a nose job?    

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

    In the right picture, Jennifer Aniston's face looks frozen and unnaturally smooth. It’s almost as if she hasn’t aged at all! She's actually come out and admitted to getting Botox injections in recent years. Hopefully this doens't become a habit... We like you natural Jennifer!    

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

    Lastly, the breast implants. If she does did get a boob job, she has managed to go under the knife very discreetly and come up with a natural looking result. This is a huge change without looking over-the-top. Is this the work of an amazing bra, or silicone?      

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

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Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

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