Jenni JWOWW Before And After Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Botox

  Who can deny that Jenni JWOWW is very much the product of plastic surgery and makeup? This before and after picture shows her in high school before breast implants, Botox or her heavy makeup regiment. It actually looks like she used to be somewhat of a tomboy before turning girly girl. Now a days, she has a 36 D breast size (from a boob job) and is using Botox to keep the wrinkles away. Although she's only 27, late night partying and too much alcohol will age you.    

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JWOWW Plastic Surgery

    Here's JWOWW in another before and after pic. The effects of Botox are more prevalent in the after picture here.    

JWOWW Plastic Surgery

    Here she is after all the plastic surgery, glitz, and glamour.    

JWOWW Plastic Surgery

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JWOWW Plastic Surgery

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