Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Plastic surgery seemed to run in the Jackson family and it didn't stop at the youngest sibling Janet Jackson. She didn't get as bad of a nose job as Michael or Latoya, but it's not too good either. For some reason all of them got a pinched nose that looks unnatural. It's documented that Michael went to a highly criticized Beverly Hills based plastic surgeon for every one of his nose jobs. So, Janet and Latoya Jackson may have used him also. A nose job wasn't unwarranted for Janet, but it should have been more subtile. She could have just removed a little bit of cartilage from the sides and tip (almost unnoticeable). A nose job is a very delicate procedure and must match the contour of you face. Clearly, Janet Jackson's nose looks a little odd on her face.

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Janet Jackson plastic surgery

This before and after picture better illustrates how her nose used to be a little bulbous. A less significant nose job would have been much better.

Janet Jackson plastic surgery before and after

Janet Jackson nose job

Just a little too much was taken off the tip. Also, the nostrils look were shortened which looks unnatural.

Janet Jackson before and after

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Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery

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