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Jamie Lee Curtis has admitted to having plastic surgery, but also deeply regrets it. The actress said that after getting breast implants, liposuction and Botox she will never undergo the knife again. Overall, she felt unhappy and dissatisfied with the results. Jamie Lee Curtis said that the Botox made her face appear emotionless and frozen. So, it was age 46 when she made a vow to never get any plastic surgery again. This before and after picture shows Jamie Lee Curtis in her 20's all the way up to recent years. She's looking terrific for being in her mid 50's and appears to have plenty of emotion on her face!

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Jamie Lee Curtis before and after

Notice how Jamie Lee Curtis's face looks in 2004. This is around the time when she was getting Botox because her face looks puffy and fixed.

Jamie Lee Curtis plastic surgery

Jamie Lee Curtis cosmetic surgery

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Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery

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