Helen Flanagan Before And After Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Has Helen Flanagan had plastic surgery? Judging by this before and after picture, it's pretty clear she had breast implants at a younger age. Before the boob job, her breast size was a B cup, but now they're rumored to be a 32 E cup! Believe what you want, but anyone with a slender 5 foot 3 body frame could never have that type of breast size without plastic surgery.

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Helen Flanagan Plastic Surgery

Given the evidence in the before and after photos, do you think Helen Flanagan had breast implants?

Helen Flanagan Plastic Surgery

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Helen Flanagan Plastic Surgery

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Yvette -
12/31/13 @ 1:24am PST

A small framed person can have natural 32 E breast. I did when I weighed 105 and only 5'2"

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