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Heidi Klum has firmly denied ever getting plastic surgery. But, there are countless before and after photos to show she clearly got a nose job & breast implants. Also, it seems like she may have taken to Botox injections lately. Her nose has a pinched look that looks like it was sculpted by a knife. Also, her breast size dramatically increased when she was in her 20's. When asked about plastic surgery, Heidi Klum had this to say, “There’s something odd when you’re 35 or 40 and ironed to the max. You change with time, and it’s fine. Everywhere there are these stand-up cards saying, ‘Have a little silicone while you get your roots done.’ I want to be the opposite of that.” It's truly amazing how actors and models can flat out lie about this topic. It seemed like she actually believed that she'd never had any plastic surgery when saying that. This before and after photo clearly shows that her nose used to be thicker. Heidi Klum's nose job made the bridge thinner and the tip smaller.

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Heidi Klum nose job

Heidi Klum cosmetic surgery

Has Heidi Klum had Botox? It's possible that she's started to get Botox treatments. Her face still looks pretty natural, so she may just be getting chemical peels and facials. But, if she got Botox then it would most likely be around her forehead and eyes. It seems like she has a lot of movement in her face, so hopefully it's still all natural.

Heidi Klum botox

Heidi Klum after botox

Has Heidi Klum had breast implants? Heidi Klum has obviously had breast implants; even though she still denies it. In her early 20's, she had an A cup, but now her breast size is a solid C. It's amazing that she can flat out lie about plastic surgery in a way where it's like she's giving life advice not to get any. Also, it seems like she's putting people down who have had it. She had this to say in an interview (about getting plastic surgery), “Ask me again when I’m 65, but…I’m proud to be able to say, in this day and age, I haven’t done anything. Everyone has a view of what’s pretty and what’s not pretty, and [surgery] just doesn't look pretty to me."

Heidi Klum breast implants

Heidi Klum plastic surgery

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Ewww! Her nose looks weird...

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