Hayden Panettiere Feet In Gold Tone Shoes And High Heels

A great foil for someone with Hayden Panettiere’s coloring is gold. Her sun-kissed skin looks great in those tones, especially her feet. When she steps onto the red carpets, she is known to wear a pair of gold tone shoes or high heels. If they aren’t all gold, she has gold notes in them.    Hayden wears different styles and types of shoes but high heels are the shoe of choice for her. Strappy and classic cuts are worn equally.   

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Hayden Panettiere Feet

    Even wedges look good on her.    

Hayden Panettiere Feet

      Hayden Panettiere doesn't run from a few jewels surrounded in gold.     

Hayden Panettiere Feet

    Gold studs don't bother her either.    

Hayden Panettiere Feet

      When she glows, she glows all over.    

Hayden Panettiere Feet

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Hayden Panettiere Shoes

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