Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job Breast Implants

Despite the constant denials, Halle Berry is continually suspected of plastic surgery. Before and after photos suggest she got a nose job and breast implants, but they're both speculative. It's possible she's gained and maintained her good looks by healthy living, cosmetics, and good genes, but that would be very optimistic thinking. When asked about plastic surgery, she had this to say, “No I haven’t. But that’s one thing I’ll never say never about, because I don’t know.” So, Halle Berry has directly said that plastic surgery could possibly be an option her. In addition to the nose job and boob job rumors, she has been accused of getting Botox. But, what celebrity hasn't? This first before and after photo shows her supposed nose job, She could be using makeup shading to make her nose look smaller. But for the most part., her nose looks pretty much the same in both the before and after photo.

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Halle Berry nose job

Her nose looks just a little wider in the before pic. People think that her rhinplasty thinned out the bridge and tip very slightly.

Halle Berry plastic surgery

Halle Berry breast implants? Halle Berry's breast size used to be no more than a small B cup, but now she's a 36C cup. She's been spotted with scars under her armpits which are wear breast implants are put in though. So despite her denial of the plastic surgery, it's almost certain she got the procedure.

Halle Berry breast implants

Halle Berry boob job

Halle Berry before and after

Here's Halle Berry at a young age before any plastic surgery. Do you think anything has unnaturally changed in her face?

Halle Berry young

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Halle Berry Plastic Surgery

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