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Gwen Stefani has always been forthright about her personal lift, but not when it comes to plastic surgery. Before and after photos reveal that she had a nose job and breast implants quite some time ago. She would had her nose job back in the mid 90's when she was first getting her start with the band No Doubt. Her nose used to be wider in the bridge and tip than it is now. The plastic surgery gave her nose a more petite and feminine look.

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Gwen Stefani nose job

Gwen Stefani before and after

Gwen Stefani plastic surgery

Has Gwen Stefani had breast implants? Gwen Stefani had a boob job along with her nose job. Her breast size used to be a small A cup, but now it a small C cup. All of her plastic surgery was done in a very conservative manner which has given her a natural look. The best plastic surgery is alway done conservatively to fit it's surroundings in a subtle and elegant manner.

Gwen Stefani breast implants

Gwen Stefani boob job

Is Gwen Stefani getting Botox these days? It's been a topic of debate as to whether or not Gwen Stefani is getting Botox treatments. This photo makes is look like she most certainly is (others don't though). In this picture, her face has a plastic kind of fixed look which usually comes from Botox injections.

Gwen Stefani botox

It's possible that Gwen Stefani is choosing to veer away from Botox and age gracefully. She has some crows feet along with slight wrinkles around her jawline coming in. Maybe she'll end up being part of the 3% of celebrities who stay away from the needle. But, only time will tell.

Gwen Stefani cosmetic surgery

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