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    George Clooney looks great for his age, but could that be because he has had the help of plastic surgery? Speculation is out about him getting Botox and getting his teeth fixed. Botox can be hard to tell sometimes, because there are so many ways to change the appearance of your face. In the left picture, his forehead lines are much more pronounced. The right picture could be a sign of Botox, since there is significantly less forehead lines, parentheses lines, and crows feet.          

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George Clooney Plastic Surgery

        You can see a significant difference in the forehead here, with this before and after. Although, he seems to be squinting in the sun in the first shot.          

George Clooney Plastic Surgery

        Clooney’s teeth have shown significant differences, so he must have gotten veneers. Obviously, his teeth are more uniform and bright in the second picture.           

George Clooney Plastic Surgery

        As you can see here, his gum line appears to be the same, yet his teeth are much larger. They are a completely different shape and pearly white. But hey, he looks great so who’s complaining?          

George Clooney Plastic Surgery

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George Clooney Plastic Surgery

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