Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants | Nose Job

Farrah Abraham has come under a lot of public scrutiny for her plastic surgery. She had breast implants, a nose job, a chin implants, and possible Botox injections. This before and after picture clearly reveals her chin implant and nose job. Notice how much more prominent her chin is in the after picture. It just looks weird on her face because it doesn't match its natural contour. But, her nose job looks good because it's subtle and almost unnoticeable. Her nose used to be sloped downward, but now the bridge is a straight line from top to bottom with no deviation.

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Farrah Abraham plastic surgery

This before and after pic shows Farrah Abraham after her breast implants. The procedure increased her breast size to a 34C. It used to be a B cup size.

Farrah Abraham nose job

Farrah Abraham before and after

This photo better illustrates Farrah Abraham's boob job. It actually came out really good, but that chin implant was unnecessary.

Farrah Abraham breast implants

Farrah Abraham boob job

Overall, do you think Farrah Abraham looks better before or after cosmetic surgery?

Farrah Abraham plastic surgery before and after

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Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

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