Diane Lane Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants

It's believed by many that Diane Lane has had breast implants, but the star has insisted she's relatively plastic surgery free. Here's what Diane Lane had to say regarding a boob job, “Some days I want to get the boob job, some days I want to get the eye lift,” she confessed. “Then other days I’m like, ‘Absolutely not! Have some integrity! … But it’s all about what makes you happy.” It's her body and she reserves that right to change her mind. Although, she hasn't come out and blatantly say she had breast implants - or any plastic surgery for that matter. Judging by this before and after picture, do you think Diane Lane a boob job or anything else?

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Diane Lane Plastic Surgery

Diane Lane's breast looks like she had plastic surgery. She is very well chested for someone who hasn't had breast implants.

Diane Lane Plastic Surgery

Diane Lane Plastic Surgery

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Diane Lane Plastic Surgery

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