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Demi Moore just doesn't seem to age and it could this be because of plastic surgery. She's admitted to breast implants, but denies getting a facelift or Botox. When Elle Magazine asked her about plastic surgery, she had this to say, “I have had something done, but it’s not on my face." Quite frankly, that's pretty hard to believe because she has almost no visible wrinkles at age 50. She claims to get a lot of facial treatments, that does yoga, and that she drinks lots of water. But, it still seems very likely that she's had at least Botox if not a small facelift. This photo shows Demi Moore at age 50.

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Demi Moore plastic surgery

Demi Moore before and after plastic surgery? This before and after photo shows Demi Moore at age 30 all the way to age 46. She still has no visible wrinkles on her forehead, cheeks, or around her jaw. The only difference is that she has very subtle crows feet; let me reiterate that it's very subtle.

Demi Moore facelift

In this photo you can see that she had veneers put over her teeth. It seems that almost every big celebrity has veneers these days.

Demi Moore cosmetic surgery

Demi Moore before and after

Demi Moore botox

Demi Moore before and after breast implants This photo shows her before and after a boob job. The plastic surgery increased her breast size by about a cup size which left them looking very natural. She admitted in an interview to getting breast implants, but that's only plastic surgery she's admitted to.

Demi Moore boob job

Demi Moore breast implants

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Demi Moore Plastic Surgery

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