Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Facelift

Courtney Love hasn't had a good history with plastic surgery. During the 90's she had a drug problem and stunned everyone by getting a scary looking facelift. She also added facial fillers, a nose job, and freakish looking makeup to the equation. This first before and after photo shows her when she was young as well as from the 90's after her plastic surgery craze. Notice how her nose used to be much thicker and more bulbous before the nose job. Also, because Courtney Love's lips look like they just got injected with venom from a wasp, she clearly got lip injections.

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Courtney Love plastic surgery

This is a more flattering picture of Courtney Love. After the 90's she settled down a bit and got her botched plastic surgery corrected. But, pictures remail forever and that is what she is remembered for.

Courtney Love nose job

Every aspect of her face looks bloated in the after picture.

Courtney Love plastic surgery before and after

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Courtney Love Plastic Surgery

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