Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose | Eyelids | Cheeks | Chin

At some point, Clay Aiken became a plastic surgery addict. He got a nose job, cheek implants, a chin implant, lower eyelid surgery, and possible Botox injections. All of the plastic surgery he got just seems unnecessary and even self destructive. He was going for a masculine and hunky look, but it just looks weird. Apparently, he was unsatisfied with his kid like facial features. The biggest difference in this before and after picture is Clay Aiken's chin. It's much rounder and more prominent after the plastic surgery.

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Clay Aiken before and after

He definitely had to of had Botox injections.

Clay Aiken plastic surgery

His face looks a lot thinner in the before pic.

Clay Aiken cosmetic surgery

Wow, that chin is like twice at big!

Clay Aiken plastic surgery before and after

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Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery

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