Christina Aguilera Tattoos And Meanings

Christina Aguilera has at least 5 tattoos all of which have a special meaning to her. Each tattoo is a reminder of loved ones or what she's accomplished in the entertainment industry. On the back of her neck is "Xtina" which is a nickname she got somewhere along the way. Supposedly it's the name of her alter ego?...

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Christina Aguilera Tattoos

On Christina Aguilera's wrist is a spanish phrase that translates to "I love you always."

christina aguilera arm tattoo

On her lower back is a Hebrew psalm that simply translates to "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."

christina aguilera lower back tattoo

This tattoo is a series of swirls with a straight line in the middle that forms a triangle.

christina aguilera wrist tattoo

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Christina Aguilera Tattoos

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