Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Breast/Butt Implants Nose Job & Botox

There has been numerous plastic surgery reports on Christina Aguilera which include breast implants and a nose job. But, lately it's been butt implants and even Botox. The last two aren't proven, but it is certain that she had the boob job and a rhinoplasty. When Christina Aguilera first started out, she was part of the Micky Mouse club along side Britney Spears. In 1999, she released her first album entitled Christina Aguilera. She was 19 years old at the time (so fully grown) and only had an A cup. Later on, her breast size would increase to a C cup. Then when she was pregnant, they were at a staggering E cup! If you look at this first photo, you'll see an unnatural divot in her right breast. This is the result of an unproportioned saline implant.

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Christina Aguilera plastic surgery

Wow, she went from an A cup to those? Are you kidding me?

Christina Aguilera breast implants

Christina Aguilera before and after breast implants This evolution shows the progression of her breast size from when she was 19 years old. She was an A cup when she was all natural, but is a C cup in the after photo.

Christina Aguilera boob job

Has Christina Aguilera had a nose job? It's been noted that she has indeed had a nose job. It seems that she took the plastic surgery jump around 2000; after the release of her first album. Before the plastic surgery, her nose was bigger on the tip. She kept the bridge the same width, but had the tip reduced in size.

Christina Aguilera nose job

Christina Aguilera before and after

Christina Aguilera before and after plastic surgery

Christina Aguilera Botox? It's only speculation on whether or not Christina Aguilera has had Botox injections, but it certainly seems so. Yes she has no wrinkles, but at what cost? Botox gives off a certain indistinguishable look and she seems to have it.

Christina Aguilera botox

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Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

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