Camille Grammer Before And After Plastic Surgery

When we look at before and after photos of Camille Grammer through the years, it's easy to see that she's had plastic surgery. A nose job and Botox injections are the two procedures she's taken to. She had the nose job probably some time in the early 90's. This before and after photo shows that in 1986, the tip of her nose stuck out much more. Now her it was an even width from top to bottom.

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Camille Grammer Plastic Surgery

It's also pretty obvious that Camille Grammer has taken to Botox. She does this in an effort to remove any visible wrinkles.

Camille Grammer Plastic Surgery

It seems like Camille Grammer is more keen to plastic surgery than her husband Kelsey.

Camille Grammer Plastic Surgery

Here's a picture of Camille Grammer around the age of 20.

Camille Grammer Plastic Surgery

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Camille Grammer Plastic Surgery

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