Callista Gingrich Before And After Plastic Surgery Facelift

Being a female Republican in strong political family, Callista Gingrich took an approach to aggressive plastic surgery. Her facelift and Botox were unfortunately overdone though. Amazingly, Callista Gingrich is only in her late 40's - it looks like she's around 60. The plastic surgery was an undoubtedly an attempt to remove all visible signs of lines and wrinkles, but unfortunately gave her a face frozen in time. Before plastic surgery, her face was very vibrant and natural looking (see the next before and after picture).

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Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery

This shows Callista Gingrich before and after plastic surgery. Notice how her smile looks natural in the before picture. It just looks like her facial muscles move more freely.

Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery

Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery

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Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery

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