Calista Flockhart Before And After Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Even before plastic surgery, Calista Flockhart had a rather odd looking nose. Prior to the nose job, the bridge of her nose looked kind of dented and pressed in, but now it's built up a bit and looks smoother. Another difference - when is illustrated better in the second before and after picture - is that the corners of the tip are now smoothed down a bit. The plastic surgeon most likely reshaped the cartilage rather than remove it.

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Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery

Notice how the tip of Calista Flockhart's nose is a little more pronounced in the before picture.

Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery

Calista Flockhart still has a somewhat unordinary nose after plastic surgery, but it definitely looks better.

Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery

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Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery

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