Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Bruce Jenner is a great guy and has gotten a lot of public scrutiny though the years for his plastic surgery. We all know that he had the facelift disaster in the 80's and has been listed on the worst celebrity plastic surgery of all time list. But, if you follow Keeping Up With The Kardashians then you would know that he got a new facelift around season 5. This one was done by a much better plastic surgeon and the result was great. Also, Bruce started cutting his hair shorter and gave up that goofy 70's haircut - which helped big time! So, with a little nudge from Kris Jenner, Bruce was able to fix that horribly botched plastic surgery. This first before and after photo shows him before the new facelift. So, this is when he was still bad.

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Bruce Jenner before and after

Here he is after the good one. Notice how he even looks more relaxed and confident.

Bruce Jenner plastic surgery

Bruce Jenner facelift

Bruce Jenner's old plastic surgery really isn't as bad as people make it out to be. He's gotten an unfair rep through the years, but fortunately it seems to have gotten better lately.

Bruce Jenner cosmetic surgery

Bruce Jenner plastic surgery before and after

Bruce Jenner before and after plastic surgery

Bruce Jenner before and after facelift

Bruce Jenner young

Bruce Jenner after plastic surgery

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Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

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