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The age old question has been whether or not Brad Pitt got any plastic surgery. There's always been the nose job controversy, but rumors of Botox have been coming up lately as well. It's tough to tell if Brad Pitt got a nose job because it really looks almost exactly the same. The only tweak he may have made is by making the tip a little more upturned. It's not a fact by any means though. Try and study this before and after photo to see if you see any difference.

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Brad Pitt plastic surgery

This photo shows a better distinction between his nose when he was young and from today. It looks smoother back then, but more jagged now.

Brad Pitt nose job

Here's Brad Pitt wearing his wrinkles proudly. This A-Lister may be Botox-free after all.

Brad Pitt botox

Here's Brad Pitt when he was young.

Brad Pitt young

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Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery

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Razby -
6/15/13 @ 4:05am PST

Of course Brad's had a nose job. Before his nose had a "winged" look about it. Now it's all filled in. It is probably one of the best "Jobs" ever I've seen. And Drew Barrymore. What did she say? "Take It ALL Off"? Because they sure did that, there's barely anything left!!

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