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Blake Lively plastic surgery nose job and breast implants. We all know that Blake Lively gained her fame from an early age, but it wan't until age 24 that she embarked on her plastic surgery run. It's quite possible that her nose job was one of the best ones that Hollywood has ever seen. Who ever her plastic surgeon was should be given a medal because her nose looks natural and fits her face perfectly. The rhinoplasty was done with such artistry and was approached so conservatively that it's simply amazing. Also, her nose maintained it's original character even after the nose job. Blake Lively has been very open about her plastic surgery and has gotten nothing but praise for it. Here she is before and after the operation.

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Blake Lively nose job

The nose job removed cartilage on the sides and reduced the tip size. Her nose has a terrific width and length from top to bottom.

Blake Lively rhinoplasty

Blake Lively plastic surgery

Blake Lively before and after

Blake Lively plastic surgery before and after

Blake Lively was spotted with her breasts practically exploding out of her dress. After that it was quite obvious that she had gotten breast implants. The procedure increased her breast size to a 34C.

Blake Lively breast implants

Blake Lively boob job

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Blake Lively Plastic Surgery

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