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The Beyonce plastic surgery rumors have always rumbled loud and clear. The two main procedures the singer had was a nose job along with breast implants. But, some of the odder ones are lip reduction surgery and even skin lightening. There's a couple things to consider when analyzing Beyonce's nose job: she uses makeup to shade it and you can always count on extensive photoshop work being done. Regardless, she definitely had a nose job around 2003-2004. Here's what Dr. Anthony Youn had to say about it, “Beyonce’s nose appears thinner and elegant, it matches to the rest of her face, and it looks great & not overdone." Others actually think it looks too thin which makes it seem unnatural. On the flip side of things, Beyonce's breast implants have gotten nothing but praise. The plastic surgery increased her breast size to a respectable 36C (not too big and not too small). Once again, Dr. Anthony Youn praised her by saying, “Beyonce appears to have a breast augmentation, she looks great with curvy breast, it looks natural and not overdone." This first before and after photo shows Beyonce's nose job.

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Beyonce nose job

Here she is in 2001 as well as at the 2013 Super Bowl. Her nose already looked good before the surgery which makes it exponentially easier for plastic surgeon to operate. The width of her nose is slightly narrowed and the tip is a bit small, but other than it has maintained it's original character.

Beyonce plastic surgery

Beyonce was actually rumored to have been regularly massaging her babies nose to make it grow smaller. Appartently, because a babies bones are so soft you can actually help mold it to the perminent shape it will eventualle take.

Beyonce cosmetic surgery

Beyonce nose job before and after

Beyonce before and after

Here she is before and after her breast implants. She's wearing a serious push-up bra which undoubtedly boosts her breast size, but it's unnaturally bigger none the less.

Beyonce boob job

Beyonce breast implants

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Beyonce Plastic Surgery

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