Ben Affleck Tattoos And Their Meanings

Ben Affleck has many tattoos all over his body (some with meanings). The first, and most regrettable, is the barbed wire tattoo located on his right arm (bicep). He got it in the late 90's when is was new, cool, and hip. If you remember, Pamela Anderson was one of the first make this tattoo popular. In addition to his barbed wire tattoo, you can see a tree and band of roses tattooed next to it.

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Ben Affleck Tattoos

It's unclear what the meaning of this tattoo is.

ben affleck back tattoo

This tattoo used to be the initials of his high school sweetheart, but he's since gotten it redesigned as a dolphin...?

Ben Affleck Hip Tattoo

Ben Affleck made home made tattoos on his hands that are apparently good luck charms.

ben affleck tattoo

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Ben Affleck Tattoos

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