Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Facelift | Before And After

Barbara Eden, most known for playing the role of Jeannie, has had extensive plastic surgery later in life. Here we can see the effects of a facelift, Botox and facial fillers. Just from first glance we can see that she had fillers in her cheeks. There appears to be no creases where there should be slight smile lines — when people go as far to diminish any sight of smile lines, it juts screams Botox. However, lets keep in mind that Barbara Eden is in her 80's. So, she's looking pretty good for her age. This before and after picture shows her as Jeannie from "I Dream Of Jeannie", and from just a few years ago.

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Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery

In the harsh light, we can see the effects that plastic surgery has had on Barbara Eden.

Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery

Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery

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Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery

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