Axl Rose Before And After Plastic Surgery Botox And Hairpiece

When Axl Rose re-emerged to society after a sabbatical from stardom, he didn't look quite the same. This before and after picture shows how plastic surgery and an odd looking hairpiece drastically altered his appearance. Axl had obvious Botox injections and a possible facelift. Also, that wig on the top of his head doesn't quite pass for being natural. Axl Rose took the plastic surgery route to try and look younger, but it ultimately made him look almost unrecognizable.

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Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

The biggest difference in Axl Rose's face after plastic surgery is his eyes. The difference in the shape is very slight, yet so profound.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

That's just an odd look wig.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

Here's a before and after picture of Axl Rose through the years.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

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Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

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