Ashton Kutcher Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before After

There has been so much controversy as to whether or nose Ashton Kutcher had a nose job. Some doctors think he had the plastic surgery, while others don't. If he did, then it would have slightly narrowed the width and reshaped the tip. The plastic surgeon would have done a great job because his nose still looks natural and it fits the shape of his face. Here's what Dr. David Shafer had to say about it, ”Ashton Kutcher’s nose does appear altered from his previous photos. If he had a rhinoplasty, the surgeon did a great job since he still looks natural and has a nose that fits his face.” But, Dr. Paul Nassif had this to say, “Ashton Kutcher does not appear to have had any surgery performed to his nose. His look is natural, and he would not benefit from any work at this point.” Whether or not Ashton Kutcher actually had the nose job seems to be a matter of personal opinion. So, do you think he did?

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Ashton Kutcher plastic surgery

This before and after photo shows that his nose used to be smoother. It looks a little more jagged and masculine in the after picture.

Ashton Kutcher nose job

Ashton Kutcher before and after

When Ashton Kutcher was younger his nose appears to be much more bulbous. This seems to be the most indicating photo of all.

Ashton Kutcher young

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Ashton Kutcher Plastic Surgery

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