Ashley Tisdale Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Ashley Tisdale may have received more criticism over a nose job than any other celebrity in the last 10 years. She claims to have gotten the plastic surgery for a deviated septum, but fans just don't seem to buy that excuse. She said that she broke her nose as a teenager which made the septum crooked and in turn caused severe sinus infections. I'm sure that's true, but she also had a bit of cosmetic work done to her nose. It's very common for people to get a little beautifying surgery on top of a nose job, and Ashley Tisdale probably didn't expect it to turn out how it did. The bridge of her nose looked collapsed and way too thin after the first surgery. She already had a very unique nose, so changing the appearance was kind of like playing with fire. In this before and after picture her nose looks more pressed in on the right image.

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Ashley Tisdale plastic surgery

Ashley Tisdale nose job

Ashley Tisdale has indeed had multiple nose jobs, but if you look at the last picture you'll see that she's looking much better in 2013.

Ashley Tisdale before and after

Ashley Tisdale cosmetic surgery

Ashley Tisdale before after

Ashley Tisdale had additional plastic surgery a couple years ago to build the cartilage back up in her nose. She's looking great now, so It's too bad that all those awful pictures after her first nose job are littered all over the internet.

Ashley Tisdale now

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Ashley Tisdale Plastic Surgery

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